Save, organize, revisit & connect ideas.

Elevate your productivity with intuitive & powerful bookmarking & screenshot/image organization.

“Organizing and revisiting content I consume is a breeze with Zlinky. I love the Chrome Extension too!”

Alan Sharfman

Owner, Finoptim

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Elevate your productivity with intuitive bookmarking and screenshot/image organisation.

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What can you do with Zlinky?


Organize links and images into folders for easy reference.


Save content from TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other Social Media platform.


Synchronize your account across web and mobile.


Easily “share” (save) links and images from any public URL into your Zlinky folder(s).


Leave short notes on saved links to help add context.

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Search across your library to find what you’re looking for.

Bookmark management tool for web and mobile

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