We take the security of your data seriously.

Data encryption

We encrypt data at rest and in transit for all our customers.

Network security and server hardening

All servers within our production are hardened and have a configuration applied to ensure consistency across the environment.

Monitoring and alerts

Our team monitors servers to retain and analyze the security state of its production infrastructure.

Data deletion

When a user initiates an account deletion, account data is hard deleted from the production servers after 30 days unless the user logs back into the account. Account data gets removed from any backups within 30 days after deletion from production servers.

Security Confidentiality

Employee access to user data is prohibited unless necessary for operational reasons. All employee access to user data is logged.


Zlinky uses infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud to host and process user production and backup data. Information about Amazon Web Services security is available here, and for Google Cloud here. Our internal systems enforce complex passwords to mitigate password-related risks.

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